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Astronomers Bioprint Beef For The First Time In Space

Lab-developed meat is no longer limited to Earth—Aleph Farms and associates have productively developed meat for the first time in space. The test, performed aboard the Russian segment of the ISS (International Space Station), employed a 3D Bioprinting Solutions’ bioprinter to create a grown beef steak. Aleph’s growth methods reproduces muscle tissue regeneration procedure of cows, same as in artificial conditions—the only big alteration for spaceborne production is the quicker maturation since you can print at once from all ends rather than coping with the restrictions of gravity.

It is far from ready for mass manufacturing. On the other hand, Yoav Reisler from Aleph claimed to the media that the firm aimed to develop the experiment and create artificial beef steaks accessible on Earth with the help of huge-scale “bio-farms.”

This can be specifically useful for astronauts. Spacecraft staffs do not have the comfort of raising farm animals. Meat-consuming astronauts can take pleasure of steaks on long journeys rather than making do with particularly created space food. That, in return, might offer them the protein they require to maintain muscles on huge voyages. In the near future, Aleph expects to lower climate change. Lab-developed meat requires far less water, power, and farmland, possibly reducing emissions needs even as it deals with food shortages.

On a related note, NASA earlier claimed that is going all out to back the Artemis project in spite of queries that it can send humanity by 2024 back to the Moon. The space organization has honored Lockheed Martin with the OPOC (Orion Production and Operations Contract) to provide it with Orion spacecraft for Artemis missions in the future, comprising the one that will land the first female on the lunar surface. While it does not have a specific delivery schedule and quantity, the contract comprises a promise for a maximum of 12 and a minimum of six Orion vehicles.

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